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Helping Hands


At Arukah our mission is to provide women who have experienced having an abortion with the necessary resources to restore their mind, body, soul & spirit. As a Therapist at Arukah, you will play a major role in guiding the women through a program that is tailored to help them heal from the trauma they have faced. As a faith based organization, we are looking for compassionate; dedicated, innovative, God fearing women who are bold in their faith. We believe in creating an environment where the women can achieve healing and wholeness so that they can live the life that they were created to live. 


  1. Conduct assessments on individuals desiring to enroll in the program prior to the first session 

  2. Facilitate individual and group sessions tailored to helping the women at Arukah heal

  3. Meet with the Head Therapist on a quarterly basis to discuss the success of the program and areas of improvement 

  4. Guide the women in the development of skills and strategies to deal with what they are facing. 

  5. Create a comfortable, judgement free and supportive environment to promote transparency and trust with the women in each session

  6. Monitor the progress of each individual during the time in the program to tailor treatment plan if necessary  

  7. Attend community outreach and team events as availability permits

  8. Maintain detailed records of individuals session and progress throughout the course of the program

  9. Maintain confidentiality of records relating to the individuals participating in the program

  10. Attend quarterly team meetings to discuss wins and areas of improvements 


Education and Experience:

  1. A Bachelors degree in psychology, counseling or a related field required.


Duties Include:

1. Making sure scheduled content is ready and on time to post on all platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Linked In.

2. Coming up with engaging content/ captions for posts.

3. Creative brainstorming and design.

4. Social Media Upkeep.

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